How to Get What’s FAIR From an Adjuster

Adjusters treating you unfairly? Does it seem impossible to get them to understand your charges? What is the right price for your job?

The tables are turning and restorers now have a variety of powerful resources at their disposal to combat these issues. 

The first point to remember is that insurers are responsible for paying the “reasonable” price for restoration services, and this may include a price that is different from a price published in a generic price guide. Don’t get bogged down in arguments about what price is “usual and customary” (translation: lowest price in town). The contract of insurance does not allow the insurance company to escape a claim by paying only the lowest price in town. Arguing over what is “customary” is a useless exercise for contractors and adjusters. Focus the conversation on what is “reasonable.” The dictionary definition of “reasonable” is “fair and sensible.”

“Joe Blow down the street will do the job for 25% less than you, so we’re only paying 75% of your invoice.” There goes your profit. But if you have logical reasons and supporting documentation for your prices, you can make the case that they are “reasonable.” I have seen this succeed many times. Read more

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