Antimicrobials On-Demand Training Package

with Cole Stanton and Ed Cross
1 IICRC Continuing Education Credit

Chemicals are commonly used in restoration, but they can be DANGEROUS if deployed without caution.
Do your technicians match the right product to the job?
If called to testify, could they recall the rules for responsible use of the antimicrobial products you utilize in your restoration business?

Please join The Restoration Lawyer, Ed Cross, and materials expert Cole Stanton for this intensive 90-minute training session on antimicrobial tradecraft, and become empowered to:
  • Choose effective antimicrobial weapons: biocides, virustats, sanitizers, and more
  • Eliminate microbial enemies without causing collateral damage
  • Present an assignment to the insurance company
  • Understand the differences between “clean,” “sanitize,” and “disinfect,” so you don’t get attacked for using the wrong terms
  • Know when antimicrobials are WORKING
  • Understand that applying a disinfectant does NOT necessarily mean you are disinfecting
  • Properly bill for antimicrobials (the KILL BILL)
  • And much more…
Antimicrobials can be mastered, and with KILL BETTER, you become microbes’ worst enemy! 
Don’t risk lives, reputation, or profit – get our Antimicrobials Training Package TODAY for a safer future in antimicrobial application


Cole Stanton, Materials & Methods Expert
Ed Cross, The Restoration Lawyer 

This intermediate level course is ideal for:

  • Remediation Technicians
  • Remediation Project Managers
  • Environmental Consultants

Credit Available:

Restoration Crosscheck is an IICRC-approved Continuing Education Provider.
This course has been approved for one (1) IICRC Continuing Education Credit.
Correctly answer 8 out of 10 quiz questions at the end of the course. New quizzes will be provided until you answer at least 8 correctly.

Training Package Includes

  • KILL BETTER Antimicrobials On-Demand Training
  • PowerPoint Slideshow
  • 1 IICRC Continuing Education Credit

All this, for the low price of only $125! Don’t delay! Learn to KILL BETTER today!
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