With Anthony Nelson, Mark Pasculli, and Angela Bajramaj
Hosted by Ed Cross

Do you provide top-notch emergency property damage services, only to be met with demands for revisions from insurers that don’t seem to understand the value of your work? Do you feel like you’re shouting into a void, hoping for a different result each time, only to see the cycle repeat?

In other industries, service providers are paid in full for their work, without resistance. 

The restoration industry is different. Constant scrutiny. 

Why is that, and what can you do about it?

Imagine what it would be like to have your invoices paid in full, like other industries.

This is where your story changes.

Introducing “Defending Restoration Invoices,” a two-hour action-packed set of simple tips from an elite team that has mastered the art of invoice defense. They’re not the heroes of this story – you are. Our role? To arm you with the shrewd strategies and insider knowledge that will illuminate your path out of the darkness of invoice disputes without unnecessary conflict.

We recognize the grit and determination it takes to be in the restoration industry. You’re the hero facing a formidable opponent – unjust invoice adjustments. But even heroes need allies.

In this exclusive course, you’ll discover:

  • The Art of Invoice Defense: Learn to protect and justify your pricing with confidence.
  • Ninja Tactics: Strategies that have helped countless contractors turn the tables in their favor.
  • The Power of Preparation: How to preemptively strengthen your invoices against adjustments.

This isn’t about us giving you a temporary shield. It’s about empowering you to forge your own armor, tailored to your business needs, ensuring you’re prepared for any battle that comes your way.

Thousands of dollars’ worth of guidance for only $125, a nominal fee for profound transformation of your restoration business.

Join us and learn how to stand firm in the value of your work, ensuring that every invoice you issue is a testament to your skill and worth. It’s time to break the cycle and emerge victorious.

Your journey to becoming an invoice ninja starts here. 

You’re not alone in this fight. Let’s turn the tide together.

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