The Warped World of Restoration Pricing

Accurate pricing is essential to every business owner.  The relationship between overhead and profit is an empty equation without price.   Ideally, price would result from a rational process – the invisible hand that guides supply and demand. 

However, every restoration contractor in the 21st century must learn that pricing in our industry is complex, and can be frequently described as influenced, and even irrational.  It can feel like the invisible hand, is more like thumbs on the scale.  

On behalf of their customer, and for the health of their contracting business, the modern restorer must expend effort to ensure the price they are paid is reflective of reality on the ground at that job, and at that time.  But the energy and expertise to chase rational pricing is often beyond what a business owner can spend.

Restoration Crosscheck uniquely offers RC Customized Pricing.  Developed by our industry experts and restoration veterans, this is a proprietary subscription service that reliably provides customized pricing for labor, materials and equipment by scraping and consolidating data resources beyond everyday, individual accessibility.  Our users are given the research to determine actual pricing.  The overall goal of RC’s service is to drive supporting collateral based on both estimating software methodology, as well as our timely sourced data, to support the restorer’s price position… and then the price they are paid.  

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