CrossChecking the New IICRC S520 MOLD STANDARD Part 2


CrossChecking the New
with Ed Cross & Cole Stanton



CrossChecking the New
with Ed Cross & Cole Stanton

Part 2: June 25, 2024 – 12 pm – 1 pm Eastern Time (9 am Pacific)

The Sword and the Shield: IICRC Standards can be used by restorers as a sword (to justify billing) and as a shield (to defend against liability claims).  The new mold standard was just released on May 17, 2024!

Is your team up to speed on the changes in the new IICRC S520 Mold Standard?

It contains many important revisions on air scrubbers, IEPs, antimicrobials, Condition 1, Condition 2, project documentation, insurance, and more! Those who disregard the changes may face significant financial risk.

Fortunately, Restoration CrossCheck Senior Consultant Cole Stanton was part of the S520 Consensus Body. Cole and Ed Cross will unpack the revisions to the Standard in this special webinar.

Parts of the Standard explain the IICRC’s opinion as to what constitutes the “standard of care.” Those who fail to comply with the legal standard of care can be sued for the tort of negligence. Can the new Standard be used against you in court for jobs you did before the Standard was published? The answer is yes. We’ll show you how and explain what to do to manage your risk.

We will unpack the new statements from IICRC as to what documentation is required to comply with the standard of care. We’ll also point out the new “recommendations” which may not be the standard of care but are very good steps to reduce liability and increase the chance your bill will be paid in full.

Too much to cover in one hour, so we added a second part!  Those who already purchased access to Part 1 get access to Part 2 for FREE!

At the end of each 1-hour presentation, we will open the lines for a free flowing discussion with you!

This presentation is for general information only and is not intended as legal advice.



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