to Accelerate your Restoration Business

RIA Preconvention Bootcamp

Monday, April 8, 9:00AM – 4:00PM CT

6 IICRC Continuing Education Credits

Drill Sergeant: Ed Cross

Trainers: Anthony Nelson, Jeff Taxier, Norma Vally, Angela Bajramaj, and Mark Pasculli



Are you tired of constant adjustments from insurance companies?

Would you like to set your own prices, get paid more, and get paid faster? What would your life look like without friction from insurance adjusters?

In this full-day preconvention Bootcamp, Ed Cross and members of the Restoration CrossCheck team of experts will share inside tips to catapult restoration businesses to the next level with:

  • Customized restoration pricing and best practices for estimating, led by Anthony Nelson, MWR, MFR
  • Advanced adjuster relations and negotiations strategies, led by a former Allstate Claims Manager, Jeffrey Taxier, SCLA
  • Special tactics for accelerating collections, including project documentation, featuring Angela Bajramaj, Esq., and Mark Pasculli
  • Shrewd methods to achieve and maintain client control, from Norma Vally, the Toolbelt Diva

Are you ready to propel your restoration business to higher profitability, with reduced stress and more free time for you? A new day is dawning, with Restoration CrossCheck, a new kind of consulting company. 

Restoration CrossCheck is a team of prominent restoration and insurance industry experts with hundreds of years of combined real-world restoration and insurance experience, and proven track records in growing restoration companies.

You have the will to bring their restoration businesses to the next level. Now, you’ll have the power, with Strategic Strikes to Accelerate Your Restoration Business.